Friday, December 17, 2010

chic futurism...

chic futurism...
chic futurism... by cristov featuring summer jewelry

my vision for the future isn't necesarily futuristic, but it is somewhat streamlined, a uniform. the look is made up of pieces that are un-fussy, clean, yet have personality, providing we are still allowed the priveledge of personality in the future. the colour palette is quite sterile and cold, but not in an off-putting way, the look is very approachable. leather is used as a reflective surface, which to me, is quite futuristic. i feel this look, while contemporary and wearable now, is cutting-edge enough to be appropriate 40 years from now...
this look consists of...
jil sander earrings
a chloe shirt
a balenciaga sweater
a margiela skirt
margiela ankle boots
a ysl cuff
a timex watch
and a celine bag