Monday, November 30, 2009


got some excitiing news last week when i bought 'gq magazine,' harrolds on collins is now stocking tom ford suits, ready-to-wear and accessories, so tomorrow i am going to check it out, might even try on a suit in i can muster the courage :)
i also want to go to 'order & progress' on swanston, they are the only place in the city i can find that sell a.p.c. jeans, and according to their website, they are only $200, reduced from $300, we'll see how i feel, i may buy a pair.
will also go to chapel street, just to browse, but mainly to go to american apparel, love it, they always have something lust worthy!

'prada shoe watch 2009'

if i come across any other editorials featuring my shoes, i will post them and if any visitors know of other places they have seen my shoes, i would love to know, either contact me @ or just leave a comment

'prada shoe watch 2009 part 4'

i bought these 2 magazines, the same weekend liz and i had our appointment @ myer...
the first magazines in 'vogue hommes international' i really like the styling in this shoot, in all the other shoots i have covered, they are styled as a total 'prada' look, whereas this shoot is much more everyday styling, stove-pipe jeans, flannel, skinny ties, looks that can work on the street, i have already tried to replicate one of the looks this past weekend, should've taken a picture to post, if i remember i might do so
the latest magazine was l'officiel hommes, where they were featured in a dramatic black + white image, with very heavy shadows, a very static, but present shot

'prada shoe watch 2009 part 3'

next was 10men, where not only were my shoes in an editorial inside the magazine, but the studded shirt and coat from the same collection are featured on the cover
next was fanatstic man, with ewan mcgregor on the cover, wearing a prada leather tee, inside is an interview with ewan and a handful of shots, one of which he is wearing my shoes

'prada shoe watch 2009 part 2' i-d was the first magazine that i have seen them featured in
next was gq australia with ben cousins on the cover, the shoot was dedicated to the new looks of the fall 2009 season, each designer got a page, and this was prada's was russh magazine with ali stephens on the cover wearing dion lee. the shoot was called 'androgny' and featured a very feminine male model in a set of very dynamic shots taken in a warehouse

'prada shoe watch 2009'

before i get into this series of posts i just want to state that:
#1 my apologies for the horrid pictures, this was a spare of the moment idea
#2 this post is not meant to come across as me bragging, it is just exciting!

this is the 'f.u.n. issue' of i-d magazine, i bought it from 'mag nation' on elizabeth st in the cbd, you could imagine my excitment to open it up and in the first dozen pages an editorial featuring my prada studded shoes, i almost died! it is a fantastic image, i love the movement and drama in the black + white image.
i took a seat and continued to flick through the magazine and at this stage i was already on a high, so i almost keeled over when i discovered an editorial featuring sponge-bob square pants wearing my prada shoes, it is utterly hilarious, i used to love watching sbsp when i was younger!
the shoot features the shoes of the season, so it makes it extra exciting!

this post will be one of a handful of posts where i show editorials in which my shoes are featured!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

gaga 4 gaga

i know that the clip has been released for a few weeks now, but i just have to say that when i did finally see it on youtube i died, lady gaga in head to toe mcqueen + the armadillos, the most controversial shoe of the spring 2010 season. her stylist nicola formichetti must have pulled some major strings to get hold of these looks only months after they debuted on the runway back in early october. lady gaga is one of only a handful of people who i can think of that could pull this look off and not look off. my heart skips a beat everytime i watch the video clip, i should probably stop, as i may have a fashion heart-attack


we saw both of these jackets, and the shoulder are just out of this world, until you see them in the flash you really don't get a sense of their scale, they are huge... and amazing
this jacket is stunning, the crystal detail on the shoulder is so intricate, no wonder it costs 8k. plus it is so heavy, all the chain really weighs the jacket down, i would've loved to try it on just to feel the weight of it on my body.


oh my goodness.... liz and i had the best time @ myer melbourne. i was literally shaking like a leaf when i saw the curtain which contained the balmain collection. the clothes upclose are amazing, and to my utter disbelief i was allowed to try on the jeans, @ $3,000 a pop, i felt very privelegded indeed. all i can say is that i squealed like a little girl when i came out of the dressing room to show liz, it was hilarious! so frustrating though, they were a mile too long, there is a zip @ the hem, and the top of the zip is where the jeans hit my ankle. the sales assistant said that if i purchased them i could just get them altered, to which i scoffed, imagine dropping 3k on a pair of jeans, just to have a tailor butcher them.
you could imagine my excitment when i found the bottom image the day after i tried them on, victoria 'love her to death but why oh why is she wearing them not i' beckham wearing the balmain jeans @ heathrow airport

Saturday, November 21, 2009

in the words of rachel zoe... i die

omigod, cannot CANNOT wait for monday @ 2:30, my cousin elizabeth and i have an appointment @ myer melbourne to see select pieces from the balmain fall 2009 collection. i am hoping that some of these looks will have made it to our shores, anna j's jacket [2nd from top] is definitely here, and the shoes are now @ miss louise, where liz and i are going to before our appointment. it is going to be an awesome day, will post what i actually saw on monday or tuesday night