Sunday, July 26, 2009

my books

top to bottom:
viktor & rolf
influence by mary-kate + ashley
the golden age of couture
gucci by gucci
...then left to right
lonely planet guide to paris
icons* marc jacobs + donna karan
kate moss style
satc movie book
stephen sprouse
i heart my books

my latest acquisition

my prada studded shoes, i bought them last sunday and today was the first time i have worn them, feet are a little sore, but totally worth it. i recieved so many comments from people in the street, they are such a stand-out.
the minute i saw them on in january when the collections were on, i fell, i decided i had to have them, they have been my laptop background since january

it is a real privledge to own these shoes, there is only 3 pairs in australia

the supers continued....

dior homme jeans again, nice pic of the tag
beautiful soft denim

balenciaga bag from marais in the royal arcade. best purchase ever, parents + i went halves for my 21st, it never leaves my side. and is just getting better and softer with age, the more i bang it up the more character it gets. i love the shape and it is big enough for everything i need, contains my 2 pairs of ray-bans, lv wallet and credit card wallet, camera, phone, keys + every now and then a magazine for when i catch the train to the city

wooyoungmi vest from marais, its so fashion forward, i get lots of comments on it when i wear it, people either love it or hate it, which i love, i love that an item of clothing can divide people but also bring people together. i love the flesh back and shoulders, i bought a flesh coloured tee from american apparel just to where with this vest. i love the movement in the cut-away panels at the top. it is just a great statement piece

the supers

louis vuitton taiga leather wallet from lv boutique on collins. parents bought it for me for my 20th birthday, twas a beyond exciting day, my first foray into high fashion, and certainly not my last
lv x stephen sprouse credit card wallet, from lv boutique on collins street. i bought this myself for my 22nd birthday this year. a real collectors item, i went in with no intention of making a purchase, but fell in love, it was a toss up though between that 3 set of scarves or the wallet. i love the re-interpretation of the graffiti from the 2000 collection + its so much brighter in person, picture really doesn't do it justice

black way-farers from sunglasses hut on chapel street prahran, need i say anything, classic cool

dior homme jeans from assin on little collins. a classic straight leg, with those signature dior scars, amazing

?? tee [can't read the label] from lady luck on chapel street. xtra long with a deep neckline, awesome with my 2nd jack london jacket + my black skinny wranglers. comes with a tie that can be worn as a scarf or tied around the body for a more body-concious, fashion-forward look
faux leather jacket w hood from american apparel on chapel street, wear it with everything, go to item when stuck for inspiration

good old black cons from ??, wear with everything, can't go wrong

my favourite things continued...

my ag vest, i bought from david jones @ chadstone. i love the detail on this vest, the diagonal seam on the front, the faux double breast and the disappearing lapels
my autonomy vest from chapel street, this picture doesn't quite do it justice, from the shoulder seams, there are 2 big open darts, that open + shut with movement, a great detail!

a schwipe short sleeve shirt from the fat 1/2 clearance on chapel street, i love its laid back summer vibe, in winter i pair it with skinnies and my american apparel faux leather jacket and in summer, tucked into shorts with gladiator sandals

my 1st jack london jacket, first saw it @ david jones, but passed it by and always regretted not buying it. but on a later trip to the cbd, discovered the jack london boutique on swanston street, it was fate that bought us together

my 2nd jack london jacket, from jack london on greville st, prahran. very fall ysl

my favourite things

my ksubi jeans, i got from fat gpo, they're awesome, my first real foray into the skinny jean

my nudie 'thinn finn's,' i got from fat @ chadstone, my second foray into the skinny jean, they get better with every wash

my ksubi tee, i got from ebay, a great find


previous posts title should've been 'my favourite shopping spots in melbourne cbd'
louis vuitton, on collins street, where i bought my wallet + my stephen sprouse card wallet
marais, in the royal arcade, off the burke st mall, where i bought my balenciaga bag, and my wooyoungmi vest

assin, on little collins st, where i bought my dior homme jeans

prada, on collins street, where i bought my new studded shoes, from the fall collection

my wardrobe

my pride and joy, my wardrobe. i keep all my clothes on a rack so that i can see all of my investments, plus, it feels like going into a boutique every morning to get dressed

my extensive magazine collection

all my issues of vogue australia + vogue/vogue paris/vogue nippon/vman/l'officiel hommes/arena homme +/i-D/numero/10/nylon/russh/gq/mens style/kurv/oyster/wwd/pop
another stack of magazines, dedicated to v and w as they are too tall to stand up in my bookcase

yet another stack of all the latest issues of v/arena homme +/wwd/self service/vogue/vogue australia/love/10

my first issue of vogue

my first issue of australian vogue magazine. its the june 2003 issue and features holly valance on the cover, she was the reason i bought it, but once i opened it i discovered a wonderful fantastical world that i have been border-line obsessed with ever since, and hence i have bought every issue since, 6 years, 72 issues, love
lv speedy bag + dolce & gabbana parfum ad, as featured in my first issue of vogue

the coverage of the spring-summer 2003 haute couture collections. love the layout and the title of the editorial, 'it's getting haute in here'