Thursday, December 31, 2009

raquel z 4 chloe

',' on this, the first day of the new decade, previewed the spring 2010 ad campaign for chloe, featuring the stunning raquel zimmerman.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

my brain has just exploded!

woo hoo, i love this time of year, when all the new season ad campaigns start to roll out, here we have the new...
...versace s-s '10 ad campaign, shot by mario testino, featuring 'british model of the year' georgia may jagger
...prada s-s '10 ad campaign, shot by steven meisel featuring ???, model unidentifiable by her mouth, but ' did predict it be new girl Rasa Zukauskaite, will confirm... s-s '10 ad campaign, shot my mr. karl lagerfeld in buenos aries, featuring claudia schiffer, freja beha erichsen and his muse, baptiste giabiconi

natalia v for ysl

'' debuted the ysl spring 2010 ad campaign featuring natalia vodianova. natalia is also featured in the new givenchy ad campaign i posted yesterday. its a great shot, i prefer natalia in ysl over givenchy, she looks better softer, more feminine. the campaign was shot by inez and vinoodh

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

its givenchy, man

argh, amazing, both '' + '' previewed the new givenchy spring 2010 ad campaign featuring, mariacarla boscono, natalia vodianova, simon nessman, emil dostovic and eduardo calero. the shots are stunning, a sensory overload of print and power. i love to see a multi girl/guy campaign, so much more dynamic and eye-catching in a magazine.
+ the givenchy spring 2010 mens sandals... LOVE, will look amazing with my new nightingale ;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

this is it...

this is the givenchy 'nightingale' is was talking about, isn't it stunning, my jaw dropped when i scrolled by the image on 'luisaviaroma.' it would be a beyond awesome birthday present! any-one, please

Monday, December 21, 2009

kit 'n' i

i went to melbourne today, bought a couple of magazines, went to the ngv to see the new 'drape' exhibition and to do some last minute christmas shopping. i went into the gpo, where the new willow boutique has just opened, and much to my delight, who was there, kit willow herself. i died, so i sheepishly asked one of the sales girls if she thought kit would mind if i asked her for a photo, obviously she didn't, i probably came across as a complete air-head, but still, i got the photo.
the boutique is stunning all white, beautiful moulding, floating racks that hang high from the ceiling, big mirrors, lots of reflective surfaces, lots of flowers, very girly and sophisticated, just what you would expect from willow. and the clothes, very luxurious, beautifully embellished, lavishly draped, the perfect mix of down-town cool and up-town glamour.

all in all, a great day, kit 'n' i

Sunday, December 20, 2009

natasha p for gucci spring 2010

'ohlalamag' today debuted the spring 2010 ad campaign for gucci, featuring natasha poly and ryan kennedy, here is what the blog had to say...

'beautiful people wearing expensive stuff posing like they are super drunk by their infinity pool ... nothing really new here but it is always visually pleasing. love colors and the amazing glass chair.'
the campaign was shot by mert & marcus, i have to say, even though these are stunning images, i really do like the dynamic of last seasons multi-girl campaign, more interest, more clothes, more names, more faces, more real, more, more, more, gimme more.

...2 months

my birthday is in march, and i found something that i would rather appreciate, '' has avaliable for pre-order all the spring 2010 collections. apart of the pre-order is a givenchy bag, it is kinda amazing. it's from the womens collection, a nightingale, in black nylon, with gold pyramid studs and stars, it is stunning, just putting it out there.

note: will put picture up when i can find them, the '' website won't let me clip them here :(

Saturday, December 19, 2009

jamie b. for lanvin

just been on where they had a link to the wwd website, which featured a preview of the lanvin spring 2010 ad campaign. jamie bochert is the star of the new campaign shot by steven meisel. the first released images are very dynamic action shots, with jamie running, her back heavily arched in very exaggerated poses, the movement in the images makes them feel urgent, as if she is chasing a cab. i have to say i much prefer this seasons campaign compared to the kirsten's images for fall. can't wait to see the rest of the campaign images

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

its b-rad!

it's brad, of rachel zoe fame, who has the envious job of being her side-kick... jealousy! this photo of him was taken from 'jak & jil blog.' and look at the clasp on his brief-case... chanel... double jealousy! he looks so dapper, i love his style. he almost looks like a cartoon of himself, which i love, that sense of nonchalance and escapism

...holy mother of god

i think i have met this guy, i'm pretty sure he works/worked @ 'order & progress' on swanston street. i was there a couple of weeks ago, they had a closing down sale, and they had apc jeans for $200, anyway he was the sales assistant, i remember thinking that he was really well put together, and now dang it, he is on the sartorialist's blog.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

...on my list

'backstage dior,' tracks john galliano's career at dior through backstage photo's at his shows for the house, an amazing insight into a very private world, that many of us mere mortals don't get a chance to see or experience
+ 'tom ford' a pictorial walk down memory lane, featuring his work from both gucci and ysl, aswell as his current work under his eponymous label. the book features backstage photos, ad campaigns, editorials and celebrity red-carpet appearance in his various wares
santa... i have been a very good boy :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


just found this on the 'fashematics' blog, this is for you marie-luise! the cartoon is cable from

i'm sorry


just watched lady gaga's performance of 'bad romance' on x-factor, it was amazing, she was in a bath-tub and this is what she wore, the wing's came off just before the first chorus. when i saw her outfit i was automatically reminded of these 3 looks...
top- gareth pugh spring 2009 collection
middle- dior fall 2008 couture collection
bottom- jean-paul gaultier fall 2009 couture collection
all photo's courtesy of

another gaga post...

top- an alternate cover to 'elle' featuring lady gaga, i kinda prefer this cover to the one i previously posted on, it is more provocative and risque, far more gaga, whereas the previous cover is more 'elle'
middle- lady gaga performing for the queen, as soon as i saw this image i was reminded of dali's 'temptation of st. anthony' [bottom] with the elongated legs, such a spectacle, amazing!

'love' lara

in the word's of rachel zoe, 'omigod, her body looks bananas!' this is an amzing shot, an amazing angle, her legs go forever. can't wait to get hold of the magazine and see the whole editorial!

scott n' me

so, thursday night was 'the sartorialist' book signing @ the gpo, spent 3 hours in line to meet scott schuman for 30 seconds... amazing! met 2 really cool girls, marie-luise and kamaia, they are both bloggers, we had heaps of laughs, sharing the excitment and anticipation of meeting SCOTT SCHUMAN, did i mention that in the photo above i am seated next to SCOTT SCHUMAN... THE SARTORIALIST! it was completely surreal and the whole 30 seconds we were together were kind of a blur, i probably came across as a real space-head, but still i got to meet SCOTT SCHUMAN, SCOTT SCHUMAN!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

daphne hearts x-treme shoes

ms. guinness has a penchant for the extreme, from her two-tone hair, her brightly coloured contact lenses, her extensive and enviable collection of haute couture and more recently, stacked shoes. first, she was spotted out and about in nina ricci's platform shoes from olivier theysken's final collection for the house. in both cases she wore the shoes with very graphic, black and white ensembles.
then, at a party for francois nars, she wore, and the first to do so, a pair of alexander mcqueens 'armadillos.' she wore the nude versions, paired with a dress from the same collection. she looked amazing, other-worldly even. i love to watch for what left-of-centre pieces she'll wear next.

daphne 4 akris

daphne who? you say... daphne guinness, the heiress who was the first brave sole [get it] to wear mcqueens 'armadillos' out and about, she is the new face for akris' new handbag line. she is virtually unrecognisable without her two-tone hair... still an amazing shot!

lv-ara stone

argh! here's a preview of lara stone's ads for louis vuitton, amazing, kinda makes me not dislike the collection as much! take away the 'fro's and what your left with is great seperates, dresses and accessories, but... i'm still not sold on the clogs! pictures courtesy of WWD


she is so fearless, this is what lady gaga wore when she met the queen, a red pleather gown, with puff sleeves, hilarious!

just saw some images from lady gaga's 'elle' shoot, she looks amazing, can't wait to see the pictures in person! these are some of the looks she wore in the shoot, top, prada and bottom, viktor + rolf, amazing!

Monday, December 7, 2009

tom ford's gucci

i was trawling through my hard-drive this afternoon, and was reminicing when i found runway pictures from tom ford's last couple of collections for gucci. his work for gucci was stunning, so oplulent, so heavily, but deftly detailed. total escapism, i would imagine, that putting on one of those fringed gowns from his final collection, you would just feel transformed, a total femme fatale.
i then decided then to check out ebay for the accessories, because they too were stunning, only the best fabrics, skins and embellishments were used. much to my delight there was quite alot of tom ford era accessories. i wish i could afford the 4th bag, at the moment i am getting quite frustrated with the size of my balenciaga bag, i spend alot of time rumaging around to find things, and this bag would satisfy my needs perfectly. need to win tattslotto ....or marry money :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

gaga 4 elle

gaga + dior = happy chris... that is all

whats the time mr. armani?

i haven't had a watch for a good 2 months now, and i still find myself looking at my wrist only to remember that i'm not a clock, i found this watch today by emporio armani, it is stunning, so classic and clean. also the way the clasp is designed, it closes so that it looks like there is no clasp, just a continuous band of links, so clever, made me want it more, $455 from angus & coote... please santa i have been a very good boy