Wednesday, January 27, 2010

come on and dance with me... yeah... slow...

this is quite possibly, the sexiest song, with the sexiest video, which features one of the sexiest dresses... ever. kylie in balenciaga makes chris very happy. the dress is killer, with its peek-a-boo under-pinnings, the meticulous pleating, the perfect mix of white, navy and sheer, the length, the fit, the attitude. all this visual only heightens the sex-appeal of the slick and minimal seductive anthem.

top- the dress, as seen on the runway on marcelle bittar, circa paris, october 5th 2002 for balenciaga's spring 2003 collection
middle- 'slow' video
bottom- 'fashion file' as hosted by tim blanks, covering the show, live from paris

p.s. i love tim blanks

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