Friday, March 4, 2011

just a thought...

...could you imagine joseph altuzarra at dior. i think he could really take it on. looking again at his recent fall 2011 collection, there are elements of his work that are reminders of earlier work john did at dior [even nicole phelps said that in her review for]...

when you look at what he has done himself in 5 seasons, his precision, his technique, his unwavering vision for a season, and just his polish, its astounding, imagine what he could do with all the resources that dior have at their disposal. so far established names like hedi slimane, ricardo tisci, alver elbaz and stefano pilati have all been thrown around. all of them doing amazing things at their own houses, all of them capturing the spirit of their houses all while moving their brands forward, it would be a shame to mess with that. plus with altuzarra, you would be getting fresh eyes, a young perspective, many people would argue with me on this, that although what john was doing at dior was beautiful, it was in some ways was just that, beautiful. in recent years, i feel we had lost the spectacle, the drama, the unknown, from john's shows at dior.

the above images were taken from galliano's spring 2004 collection for dior, these looks are shocking, unexpected and brash, with loads of personality, something that i feel has been missing in recent seasons. that sense of fun and ridiculousness that makes dressing up fun.

and these looks are from galliano's fall 2003 collection for dior. again these looks are completely over-the-top and insane, brilliant. this may be a good opportunity, although the circumstances are less the desirable, to bring in some fresh talent and perhaps a new perspective, one that is more modern and in tune with the time... something for you to think about mr. toledano

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