Monday, November 30, 2009

'prada shoe watch 2009'

before i get into this series of posts i just want to state that:
#1 my apologies for the horrid pictures, this was a spare of the moment idea
#2 this post is not meant to come across as me bragging, it is just exciting!

this is the 'f.u.n. issue' of i-d magazine, i bought it from 'mag nation' on elizabeth st in the cbd, you could imagine my excitment to open it up and in the first dozen pages an editorial featuring my prada studded shoes, i almost died! it is a fantastic image, i love the movement and drama in the black + white image.
i took a seat and continued to flick through the magazine and at this stage i was already on a high, so i almost keeled over when i discovered an editorial featuring sponge-bob square pants wearing my prada shoes, it is utterly hilarious, i used to love watching sbsp when i was younger!
the shoot features the shoes of the season, so it makes it extra exciting!

this post will be one of a handful of posts where i show editorials in which my shoes are featured!

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