Saturday, November 28, 2009


oh my goodness.... liz and i had the best time @ myer melbourne. i was literally shaking like a leaf when i saw the curtain which contained the balmain collection. the clothes upclose are amazing, and to my utter disbelief i was allowed to try on the jeans, @ $3,000 a pop, i felt very privelegded indeed. all i can say is that i squealed like a little girl when i came out of the dressing room to show liz, it was hilarious! so frustrating though, they were a mile too long, there is a zip @ the hem, and the top of the zip is where the jeans hit my ankle. the sales assistant said that if i purchased them i could just get them altered, to which i scoffed, imagine dropping 3k on a pair of jeans, just to have a tailor butcher them.
you could imagine my excitment when i found the bottom image the day after i tried them on, victoria 'love her to death but why oh why is she wearing them not i' beckham wearing the balmain jeans @ heathrow airport

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