Monday, June 7, 2010

valentino + giancarlo

today, i re-watched 'valentino: the last emperor,' i had forgotten how brilliant it was. it is such a pleasure to be able to see someone of such greatness at work, to see the process of making such beauty. but on top of that, both valentino and his partner giancarlo giametti, themselves have such an impeccable style, it's that italian thing, they just have it, that old school way of dressing that is really, sadly, disappearing... everything nowadays is about comfort and ease, and with that, all too often, comes sloppiness and a lack of refinement, a real lack of care of how one presents themselves to the world. what is acceptable now was everyday dress, is rather appalling, i long for a time when dressing the way they dress was common place. i feel the need to have a huge wardrobe cleansing, sell off everything that is now irrelevant to me, and invest a good amount in a navy double-breasted suit...

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