Monday, June 14, 2010

what a day...

today i took a family trip to chapel street to see 'satc2,' i hate to say it, but i was a little disappointed, there seemed to be alot of fluff and not quite the amount of substance fans of the show have come to expect. and it didn't seem to break much new ground, the same kind of story-line was used in the series, just not on this a grander scale. thats not to say though, that i didn't enjoy it, i just didn't feel as invested in the story as i previously had been, watching the series. and once again patricia field did an amazing job with the costuming, if not at times too amazing, some of the outfits for the situation were a bit OTT, but i guess that is part of the fantasy... i tried to get the movie book while at borders, but apparently it was still on back-order... another time... next weekend maybe.

i also made a wee dent in my wallet with 4 new magazines to feast my eyes on... can't wait!
the june issue of american vogue with blake lively on the cover... features a great interview with 'net-a-porter' founder natalie massenet
issue 22 of '10 men' featuring model sid ellisdon on its cover
issue 65 of 'v magazine' with scarlett johansson in ysl on its cover
+ the launch issue of 'industrie' magazine, with none other than the queen bee of the fashion industry, ANNA WINTOUR on its cover...

a very good day was had by all...

how was your?

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