Sunday, July 26, 2009

the supers continued....

dior homme jeans again, nice pic of the tag
beautiful soft denim

balenciaga bag from marais in the royal arcade. best purchase ever, parents + i went halves for my 21st, it never leaves my side. and is just getting better and softer with age, the more i bang it up the more character it gets. i love the shape and it is big enough for everything i need, contains my 2 pairs of ray-bans, lv wallet and credit card wallet, camera, phone, keys + every now and then a magazine for when i catch the train to the city

wooyoungmi vest from marais, its so fashion forward, i get lots of comments on it when i wear it, people either love it or hate it, which i love, i love that an item of clothing can divide people but also bring people together. i love the flesh back and shoulders, i bought a flesh coloured tee from american apparel just to where with this vest. i love the movement in the cut-away panels at the top. it is just a great statement piece

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