Friday, May 7, 2010


l-r/ simon nessman, catherine mcneil, mariacarla boscono, ming xi, malgosia bela + jonathan marquez

it's amazing how quickly campaign season seems to come around. today '' previewed givenchy's fall 2010 ad campaign, with both the womens and mens collections being so strong this season, it was going to interesting to see the clothes in print. and in typical givenchy style, the campaign is amazing, the clothes, the styling, the cast simply brilliant. the campaign features, much to my excitment, aussie girl catherine mcneil, after a select but stellar return to the catwalks this season, it is great to see her back in print. looking forward to seeing more

l-r/ simon nessman, willy cartier, jonathan marquez, *lea t + paolo roldan

the campaign also features transgender model *lea t, who used to be givenchy's male fit model.

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