Saturday, May 22, 2010


i know, i'm hopeless... but when this givenchy necklace is dropped, i kind of feel the need to purchase it, it's kind of amazing, but i imagine it will be quite pricey, and probably only made in a limited number, so it might not even make it here... wishin' and a hopin'

*sorry lanvin, i'm already planning your replacement, well not replacement, let's call it you 'little brother'


  1. it reminds me of a crown. a crown of thorns, but a crown all the same. Also kinda roman-y / greek-y... like for Helen :)

  2. thats what it is based on, the givenchy men's show this season had a very religious under-current

  3. huh, really, how bout that...

    also... next time you come to the city come visit our hovel?

    also... i should be coming home next weekend... (ie 4-5...) and the weekend after... catch?

  4. ... i just found love ...

    thought i'd share it with you ...

  5. what a great find, awesome range of colours, fabrics and accessories, great find, i made up a pair of snake-skin shoes, $365, not bad.
    re: next weekend, sounds great, we'll hash out details later in the week, can't wait...

  6. yeah :) its my new... procrastination... would that i could have the money for such lovely shoes ...

    yes.. det's later!