Wednesday, December 2, 2009

went to the city today, as i mentioned in my previous post, was surprised by the range of tom ford apparel harrolds had, a selection of about a dozen different style and colour suits, shoes, scarves, sunglasses, fragrance, not to mention a pair of $1200 jeans, i died! they also now stock a selection of ready-to-wear by ysl, which was a pleasant surprise, there was an amazing grey double-breasted knit vest which was kinda major, but really can't afford it, so instead i went for some cheap thrills....
top to bottom:
-the new issue of i-d magazine, featuring eva, helena & claudia on the cover, can't wait to tear into it
-i was wondering out of melbourne central via lonsdale street, where i noticed a poster in the window of 'cm's' advertising nothing over $50, i kinda thought 'yeah right,' so i wondered in and found this awesome khaki safari jacket, the original tag says $200, i got it for $40, i was beyond excited, can't wait to style it, so many possibilities, will post some photos of what i come up with
-on the way home, i stopped in at the river clearance store in cranbourne, not intending to by anything, and i found these brown/tan leather driving shoes, they are so light and comfortable, perfect for summer, instead of sandals, will style them with shorts and rolled-up jeans, again, if i come up with anything inspiring, i will post some photos
-and finally... when i arrived home, the january issue of vogue had arrived in the mail, excitment!

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