Monday, December 21, 2009

kit 'n' i

i went to melbourne today, bought a couple of magazines, went to the ngv to see the new 'drape' exhibition and to do some last minute christmas shopping. i went into the gpo, where the new willow boutique has just opened, and much to my delight, who was there, kit willow herself. i died, so i sheepishly asked one of the sales girls if she thought kit would mind if i asked her for a photo, obviously she didn't, i probably came across as a complete air-head, but still, i got the photo.
the boutique is stunning all white, beautiful moulding, floating racks that hang high from the ceiling, big mirrors, lots of reflective surfaces, lots of flowers, very girly and sophisticated, just what you would expect from willow. and the clothes, very luxurious, beautifully embellished, lavishly draped, the perfect mix of down-town cool and up-town glamour.

all in all, a great day, kit 'n' i

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