Saturday, December 12, 2009

scott n' me

so, thursday night was 'the sartorialist' book signing @ the gpo, spent 3 hours in line to meet scott schuman for 30 seconds... amazing! met 2 really cool girls, marie-luise and kamaia, they are both bloggers, we had heaps of laughs, sharing the excitment and anticipation of meeting SCOTT SCHUMAN, did i mention that in the photo above i am seated next to SCOTT SCHUMAN... THE SARTORIALIST! it was completely surreal and the whole 30 seconds we were together were kind of a blur, i probably came across as a real space-head, but still i got to meet SCOTT SCHUMAN, SCOTT SCHUMAN!


  1. scott schuman brings awesome people together, s'all im sayin haa. the capatilized 'SCOTT SCHUMANS' do not give the excitement you guys had in the line any justice! 'i can see him! i can see him!' haha.

  2. i know right, we were a bit delirious!

  3. Oh it was so great. I completely zoned out I think, I would have come across as such a crap conversationalist as nothing worthy of saying was able to come to me! Still, I loved and will forever treasure my 30 seconds with Mr. Schumann.