Monday, December 7, 2009

tom ford's gucci

i was trawling through my hard-drive this afternoon, and was reminicing when i found runway pictures from tom ford's last couple of collections for gucci. his work for gucci was stunning, so oplulent, so heavily, but deftly detailed. total escapism, i would imagine, that putting on one of those fringed gowns from his final collection, you would just feel transformed, a total femme fatale.
i then decided then to check out ebay for the accessories, because they too were stunning, only the best fabrics, skins and embellishments were used. much to my delight there was quite alot of tom ford era accessories. i wish i could afford the 4th bag, at the moment i am getting quite frustrated with the size of my balenciaga bag, i spend alot of time rumaging around to find things, and this bag would satisfy my needs perfectly. need to win tattslotto ....or marry money :)

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