Saturday, March 6, 2010

balenciaga fall 2010 collection

nicolas ghesquiere showed his fall 2010 collection for balenciaga in paris on thursday. in many ways it was an extension of his spring collection, you got the amazing colour-blocking in the form of, round neck dresses with wings in the back, the amazing kind-of patchwork jackets, this season with a fur back and you get and amazing mish-mash shoe, last seasons woven ankle boot has been replaced with fantastic block-heeled brogue.
what was new however, was the brilliant sweater/skirt combo as seen on miranda kerr, with the amazing geometric stitch-work in neon. the great nylon quilted jackets with the wings in the back, with the black samurai-style collar, but what was newest of all and something that is hard to follow without actually seeing it the flesh, was the seemingly all-in-one kind-of pant/top hybrid with cut-away at the front with the big chunky zip, again with the samurai-style collar. the same concept was given to a skirt/jacket hybrid. also what was exciting was the closing passage of 3 'bubble' dresses, where tops are kind-of tucked into honeycomb patterned 'bubbles.'
the clothes were very textural be it real or unreal, be it, the fur, the quilting, the perforated lace, the matte vs. shine, the wood grain leather in the shoes, it was a visual feast of different elements that are all very familiar, but the way nicolas put it all togehter was new and exciting...

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