Saturday, March 6, 2010

lanvin fall 2010 collection

for fall 2010, alber elbaz, was focused on cut and stucture for the lanvin woman. he opened the show with minimal embellsihment where shape was put into sharp focus, silhouettes were close to the body with a focus on either a rounded or sharpened shoulder. alot of these opening looks, had such an ease to them, as if alber just took a singular piece of fabric and draped it directly to the body, so effortless. and with that ease, came a confidence, a sexiness that i don't feel you see on many other runways. alber just has a way about him, he just gets it, a kind of non-fussy way of making a woman extraodrinary. for example, look 10, worn by yulia, a simple black sheath, but the way he has created the inverted darts, and that fold of fabric at the neck, and the fit... the fit, it speaks for it self. also, look 28, worn by edita, a simple camel coat, but that extraordinary cut, that sleeve, that attitude, that allure of what she may, or may be not wearing underneath, all heighten her confidence, and our desire. it is when alber starts to embellish, that we see a different side of his woman, a wilder, more provocative side, where she will wear an lbd, covered neck to thigh in plume, she is dramatic, but still not in an obvious way. the lanvin woman is quite a complex creature, and luckily for her, alber elbaz understands her, and he caters, very successfully, to her every whim.

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