Sunday, March 7, 2010

holy frick...4

the amount of excitment bubbling inside of me seeing this amazing givenchy fall 2010 couture gown make it to the oscars, is out of control. and on zoe saldana, i don't think she has put a foot wrong, while promoting 'avatar' and during the award season, she always looks impeccable. what is more exciting, is that 2 months ago, when i posted about couture, i had mentioned this dress and my desire to see it on the oscars red-carpet... so thank you zoe, for making me a very happy chris...



  1. Argh, I know! Were those Swarovski crystals or rhinestones on the bodice?! They shone like liquid diamonds! And I think this choice is getting some bad flack in the press!!!Ridiculous! xxx

  2. yeah they are, well i assume so, the givenchy website didn't actually say 'swarovski,' but stunning nevertheless. its a shame, not everyone get's it.