Saturday, March 6, 2010

omigod, cassi, shut up!

Model Cassi Van Den Dungen dishes it out to French people on her recent trip to Paris | Herald Sun

seeing this article in the herald sun made my blood boil, every paris show that '' has coverage of, i have checked, to see whether or not cassi has been cast, to see if she has made it, and on this, day 4 of paris fashion week, i felt sorry for her, imagining the hard time she must be having, then, to see this article in today's hrerald sun is like a giant slap in the face. i'm sorry, but i feel a rant coming on. this is a girl, who has the potential to be great, and she has been given every chance. she has been signed to probably the most prestigous modelling agency in the world, img, who have the resources to mold her into a 'top' model, look at where their latest success story, lara stone is. she virtually had no career before she signed with img. just when i thought cassi was finally going to get her big break, she was only set to make her international debut in the fashion capital of the world, paris. but instead, it would seem, that things got tough amd she mouthed off, on facebook, of all places, and in another career stall, she is now back on a plane, returning home, defeated, and probably without international representation. sorry if i sound harsh, but i was really willing her to succeed, in paris, she would've been working with the best of the best, everyone that matters, works in paris, it is just so frustrating to see someone who has 'it' throw in the towel and in such an unsavoury way

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  1. agreed! although, i have absolutely no idea who you're talking about! that should be you in paris chris!! How are you going? My skewerage is all better :) xx