Monday, February 1, 2010

...holy mother of god 2

lady gaga is unbelievable, i saw her picture in todays herald sun and was immediately stunned by what she was wearing, i think she looks amazing! then, i got home and checked '' and much to my shock, she is wearing armani prive. i love the fact that she has taken a designer that is known for sophisticated glamour, and she has taken it to a whole other levels, totally made it her out-landish own. absolutely stunning... love...
the gown as seen on jac [img], on the runway for armani prive spring 2010 couture collection, shown on the 25th january 2010

+ ciara in 2 givenchy spring 2010 couture looks in 2 days, and only 5 days after they were debuted on the runway... who's a VERY lucky girl then

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