Sunday, February 14, 2010

preen baby, preen

justin thornton and thea begassi showed their preen fall 2010 collection in new york this past friday. and in usual preen fashion, it was a brilliant mix of body-concious slinky dresses and sharp tailoring. what was new was the opening passage of floaty bustier dresses, with cashmere turtle-neck sweaters, cropped over the bust, on top, a cool way to keep warm without sacrificing sex appeal. its hard to explain, i can't quite pin-point what it is that makes preen, cool. but there is something about the styling, and the peek-a-boo nature of alot of the looks, whether it be a full on attack of flesh as in the last black dress, or just a hint of skin, as in a black corset dress, with a slash of skin cut under the cups, or even the second look, which is half mesh. it is always sexy but never in an overt way. take the third look, over half of anja's body is covered, but the strength of the shoulder and the cinched waist and even just the look on her face and that hint of yellow all make for a sexy strong image that never crosses into vulgarity. it is exciting to see preen's progression, their look his very distinct, unwavering in its consistency, but yet, i feel, they continuously bring something new, and thats exciting, its why we keep watching season after season...

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