Monday, February 15, 2010

melbourne, baby!

yesterday, valentine's day, i went to melbourne, to do what i usually do, leer at clothing and accessories that i know in reality i will never own, but still, i leer anyway. and buy magazines... back to the leering, if only i had a spare $3650 in the back pocket of my claude maus jeans, i could by a timewalker watch from mont blanc. i went into their collins street boutique and tried one on, amazing... back to the magazines, i bought the february issue of american vogue with jessica biel as its cover girl. 10 men, with david beckham in the cover and vman 16, with vman model winner rico on the cover. it is full of great edits, one called 'work it out' by terry richardson, which features garrett neff and a handful of other buff models sweating it out in the gym in various states of undress. and featured in this post is another edit, entitled 'legendary,' featuring male SUPERmodels, tyson, brad, tony, joel and co. and lookie... mr brad koenig in MY prada studded brogues.

i think it may be love... while in melbourne i went into david jones new designer accessories department, where i found this little beauty, the 'belle du jour' zip wallet in opium patent leather by yves saint laurent to be exact, and at $750, it is pricey, but with my birthday on MARCH 11, that is MARCH 11, i think i may be able to coax my parents into giving me a little money to put toward it, we'll see, and if not, i may cry...

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