Sunday, February 14, 2010

vb... not the beer

how appropriate, victoria beckham's super feminine fall 2010 collection was shown yesterday, on valentine' day, in new york. it was a real step forward in the way of shape, she showed her typical figure-hugging hourglass silhouette, but what was new, was a couple of cocoon shape sweater dresses, which had a real chic, relaxed vibe about them. she also showed a couple of wrap dresses, one stunning floor length version in shimmer gold, was a delightfully casual way to do red-carpet dressing. what was also new were a couple of draped gowns with built in corsets, they fell straight with a couple of tucks at the bust to create shape. with victoria's current success on the red-carpet, i highly doubt this collection will hinder that success, only cement her new reputation as a serious fashon force...

my, oh my, how miss beckham has changed from this... classic

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